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Below is our most frequently asked questions about transferring numbers. If you have another query, call Customer Service and we’ll be happy to help.

What is Transfer Your Number?

The Transfer Your Number feature allows you to bring your number to Vectone Mobile while changing your service provider. 

How do I transfer my number online?

Moving from an existing contract

To transfer your number online, click here to initiate the transfer process. Or

Simply print out both forms below, Porting Form and Power of Attorney Form.

Porting Form: Download

Power of Attorney Form: Download

Simply fill in the below form, sign it and send it to or send it to the following address:

Mundio Mobile ApS
Lautruphoej 1-3, 
Ballerup Copenhagen 2750,


How do I transfer my number via text?

Once you receive the PAC, send a text to 07574212555 from your existing mobile number, using the existing SIM from your current network. This text should show: 

<PAC code> space <Vectone number that you have been given in your welcome pack>. 

We will then transfer your existing number. 

For example, if you want to switch your Vodafone number 07771234567 to Vectone Mobile 07511122222: 

You first get your PAC code VOD123 from Vodafone Customer Service (191). Then, you send a text to 07574212555 from your Vodafone number (07771234567). The text in this case would read: 

VOD123 07511122222


How do I know that my number transfer request has been initiated?

Once you send us a number transfer request, we will send you a confirmation via text. 

How long does a number transfer take?

Tranferring Your Number from your previous provider to Vectone Mobile will normall take up to 48 hours.