These words have the following meanings:
Account means the airtime account that we use to record your multifunctional top-up vouchers and Charges;
Additional Services are services that we offer to supply which are added to the Services when you request them, or where we do not require you to request them when you use them. The Charges and terms and conditions for Additional Services are available online and from our customer services team;
Agreement means these terms and conditions;
Basic Services means the services we supply to you other than Additional Services including but not limited to call and messaging services that we provide using the Network;
Charges are the charges applicable for the Service including, but not limited to, usage and service charges and the charges applicable for any Additional Services that you order from us or use;
Contractmeans the contract between you and us for the sale and purchase of Goods incorporating these terms and conditions;
Credit means credit recorded against a Top-up Voucher.
Equipment is any equipment you use to access the Services where that equipment is approved for use on the Network by us;
Goods means the goods you agree to purchase from us, including but not limited to Top-up Vouchers, which goods give access to the Services;
Merchant means Vectone Group companies collecting payments on behalf of Vectone Mobile ApS
Network means the mobile communications network we use to provide you with the Services;
Numbermeans the mobile telephone number we assign to you or which you port to us;
Personal Information means information we hold about you that you provide to us or which we collect whilst providing the Service to you and includes but is not limited to personal data and traffic data;
Roaming means making and receiving calls whilst abroad via a local network operator;
SIM card a subscriber identity module (SIM) stores data for GSM mobile users such as numbers, personal security keys and stored messages.
Services mean the Basic Services and any Additional Services that we provide to you which you access using a Vectone Mobile SIM.
Top-up Voucher is a payment mechanism that we permit you to purchase and thus use the Services which may be purchased in physical or electronic form;
Vectone Mobile, we, our and us means Vectone Mobile ApS, a company registered in Denmark under registration number 34224366 whose registered office address is Lautruphoej 1-3 Ballerup, Copenhagen 2750, Denmark, trading as Vectone Mobile.
Vectone Mobile SIM means a SIM card provided to you by us that remains our property and which when used with the Equipment grants you access to the Services;
Virus is a computer program that can corrupt, damage or destroy a computer system of its data without the permission and/or knowledge of the user of the system it infects.
First Top-Upmeans the first time you Top-Up on your SIM Card which was included in your Starter Pack. For the avoidance of doubt any preloaded Credit on your SIM Card does not include the definition of First Top-Up;
Standard Tariff is the tariff that is charged after First Top-Up of the SIM Card in Starter Pack;
Starter Packmeans a SIM Card and information that you have purchase either online or from a retail outlet. The SIM Card Starter Pack you choose to purchase may or may not have preloaded Credit on it;
Starter Pack Tariff means tariff rates which is charged on a Starter Pack until after First Top-Up is credited to the SIM Card thereafter the Standard Tariff will apply on the entire remaining Credit;
Top-Up means when you add Credit to your SIM Card by purchasing through Multifunctional Vouchers, Electronic Voucher or on-line facility;
This Agreement is formed once we accept a request for Services from you.
Once the Agreement is formed, we will open an Account for you and provide you with a Number.
Where we provide you with a Vectone Mobile SIM we will activate it as soon as possible after the Agreement is formed.
You agree that by using the Services or registering a Top-up Voucher against your Account you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and to pay the Charges.
Vectone Mobile SIM
You agree to take all reasonable steps to prevent damage to or loss or abuse of the Vectone Mobile SIM.
If your Vectone Mobile SIM is lost, stolen or damaged such that it no longer allows you to access the Services you must report it to customer services as soon as possible. We may charge you for a replacement Vectone Mobile SIM.
We aim to enable you to always use the Services. Unfortunately these may be affected by matters beyond our control, including but not limited to the weather, other networks and faults, or by our maintenance of the Network.
We will make all reasonable efforts to avoid periods of unavailability and to try and resolve any problems within our control as soon as possible.
We use reasonable efforts to make commercial arrangements to enable access to networks in foreign countries so the Services can be used whilst abroad (Roaming) but we cannot and do not guarantee the quality and coverage of foreign networks. Roaming is an Additional Service and additional Charges apply.
Charges and Payment
To be able to use the Services you must ensure that you have sufficient Credit. In particular you will not be able to use a Service where you have no Credit or where the amount of Credit is less than the minimum charge for that Service.
As Charges are incurred they will be deducted from the Credit. Charges incurred simultaneously are deducted simultaneously. In the event that the Credit is insufficient to meet all Charges due those contracted for earlier will receive preference thus Charges for Additional Services shall be applied in the order in which those Additional Services were ordered by you and shall be applied after Charges due for the Basic Services.
The Charges are available online at our website and from our customer services department.
You must pay for the Services in advance and do this by purchasing Top-up Vouchers. Once you register a Top-up Voucher it, and its Credit, is recorded against your Account and Charges applied to your Account are deducted from the Credit attached to that Top-up Voucher.
Where you have more than one Top-up Voucher recorded against your Account the Charges will be deducted from the available Credit on the earliest activated Top-up Voucher first.
Top-up Vouchers are not redeemable for cash and will expire if you do not use all the related Credit within the period or before the deadline stated on or with the Top-up Voucher itself.
The Credit and Debit Card payments are processed by the Vectone Group company Chillitalk Limited (registered in the United Kingdom under number 5506630, registered office at 54 Marsh Wall, London E14 9TP, United Kingdom) (“Merchant”) on behalf of Vectone Mobile ApS (registered in Denmark under number 34224366, registered office at Lautruphoej 1-3 Ballerup, Copenhagen 2750, Denmark)
The PayPal payments are processed by the Vectone Group company Vectone Network Limited (registered in the United Kingdom under number 8693390, registered office at 54 Marsh Wall, London E14 9TP, United Kingdom) (“Merchant”) on behalf of Vectone Mobile ApS (registered in Denmark under number 34224366, registered office at Lautruphoej 1-3 Ballerup, Copenhagen 2750, Denmark)
Customers who are using PayPal to top up their account will not be able to use the Call Credit Transfer service. This restriction is not applicable to other means of payment.
Security of your personal information : Vectone Mobile uses advanced security technologies and procedures to protect your personal information from unauthorised access. Your details, credit card numbers and PINs are protected with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption when transferred over the internet.
Use of Services and your obligations
You agree NOT to use the Services and NOT  to permit any third party to use the Services:
for anything unlawful, immoral or improper;
to make offensive or nuisance communications in whatever form, or to make or receive reverse charge calls;
with equipment that is not approved for use with the Network including, but not limited to, SIM-boxes and SIM-gateways; 4. to supply goods or services to any third party;
to supply goods or services to any third party;
to send, receive, upload, download or otherwise facilitate any material which is offensive, indecent, defamatory, of a menacing nature, a nuisance, a breach of privacy, an infringement of copyright or any other intellectual property right or otherwise unlawful;
to gain access to the services of any third party voice over internet protocol calling provider unless expressly permitted by us;
to transmit a Virus; and
for the purposes of providing telephony and/or other services to third parties which rely on the Services.
You agree TO:
give us any information we reasonably request;
follow our reasonable instructions;
comply with the instructions and demands of other networks where you are roaming;
to inform us of any changes in your contact details where you have previously registered these with us. Where you fail to do so you agree that delivery of notice to the contact details we have is effective; and
tell us of any claim as soon as possible.
Fair use policies may apply to specific Services that we provide to you. Where they do we will post them on our website and you agree to abide by them.
Any failure to comply with any of the terms of this clause 6 is a breach of this Agreement that entitles us to terminate this Agreement.
Cancellations / Returns of Goods
Where you order Goods from us and we have confirmed acceptance of your order the following terms apply:
If the Goods are defective, you must inform us within 14 days. If you fail to do, you are deemed to have accepted the Goods.
Where a claim of defect or damage is made we shall deactivate the Goods. If on inspection / investigation we find the goods to be defective, you shall be entitled to provision of replacement Goods of the same type and denomination.
In addition to the rights set out herein, you may have statutory rights under the Customer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations (2005:59) as follows:
Under the Distance Selling Regulations (2005:59) in Denmark, as a Danish resident, you have the right to cancel the Contract until the end of the 14th day after the date on which a contract for purchase is formed between you and us.
Where you use the Goods for Services before your right to cancel expires, you lose the right to cancel the Contract.
Where you have the right to cancel and want to cancel the Contract you must write to our customer services team ensuring that your letter reaches us before the expiry of your right to cancel.
Where you have the right to cancel and give your notice to us, we agree to return any payment made by you within 30 days of the date on which we receive your notice.
Where you choose not to use the Goods or the Services until after the end of your right to cancel we will not provide the goods or use of the Services until after your right to cancel expires.
Suspension of the Services
We may suspend or cease supplying the Services to you without warning where:
You are in breach of one or more terms of these terms and conditions or someone who uses your Vectone Mobile SIM or Equipment is in breach of them;
the Network breaks down or needs maintenance. Vectone Mobile tries to minimise these cases;
anyone who uses the Equipment or a Vectone Mobile SIM does not keep to the conditions of this Agreement; and
your use of the Services damages the Network or puts the Network at risk.
Where we suspend this does not affect your obligation to pay the Charges, save in the event of suspension or disconnection as a result of our maintenance of the Network which extends beyond three days and affects the entire Network in which case we will not charge any service Charges for the period in which you cannot use the Services.
We may apply a fee to reconnect the Services where we have suspended them and/or disconnected any Vectone Mobile SIM from the Network under 7.(a)i., 7.(a)iii. or 7.(a)iv.
Our right to suspend the Services under this Clause 7 does not affect any other rights we have to suspend or terminate this Agreement.
Where you do not use the Services at least once every 120 days your Vectone Mobile SIM will be disconnected from the Network, this Agreement will be terminated, any Top-up Voucher recorded on your Account that has not expired will be forfeited and you will lose your Number.
The validity of each top up is 90 days. Post the 90 days validity period, the credit will expire and the customer will not be entitled to a refund of the expired credit.
We may also terminate this Agreement IF:
You are in breach of any term of this Agreement which is incapable of remedy or where you are in breach and we have asked you to remedy that breach but you have not within 7 days of our asking you to do;
We suspend it in accordance with Clause 7;
You become insolvent or are made bankrupt; or
We are no longer allowed to operate the Network or provide you with the Services.
All written notices to us have to be sent to: 

Vectone Mobile ApS Company number: 34224366, Lautruphoej 1-3 Ballerup, Copenhagen 2750, Denmark.
If you want to contact us in relation to a complaint, please see our contact details in clause 14 Complaints Procedure below.
Save for personal injury or death as a result of our negligence our liability to you under this contract is limited to DKK15.000 for an incident and all related incidents and a maximum of DKK30.000 in any 12 month period. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we are not liable to you in any way for any loss of income; business or profits; or for any loss or damage that was not reasonable foreseeable when you entered into this Agreement.
We are not liable to you where we cannot fulfill our obligations under this Agreement as a result of something beyond our reasonable control and expectations.
We are also not liable to you where we are unable to provide the Services as a result of the maintenance of our Network.
Where you lose the Vectone Mobile SIM or it is stolen you remain liable for any Charges incurred whilst the Vectone Mobile SIM is not in your possession but before you tell us that is has been lost or stolen. This includes, but is not limited to cases where your Vectone Mobile SIM is cloned.
If as part of the Services we enable you to access the internet you agree that we are not liable for any content that you access, upload or download whether knowingly or not except for content that we make available to you directly.
This Clause 10 survives the termination of this Agreement.
Third parties
This Agreement shall not confer any benefit on a third party.
Notwithstanding the foregoing you may be capable of contracting with one or more third party when you use the Services. Where you contract with a third party whilst using the Services you confirm and understand that we are not a party to that Agreement even where payments due to that third party are deducted from Top-up Vouchers recorded against your Account.
We may make reasonable amendments to the Agreement on giving you at least one months notice.
If an amendment to the Basic Services has, or is likely to cause, a material detriment to the Service and is not as a result of a requirement by any regulatory authority or for legal reasons, we will give you notice and unless you terminate this Agreement by giving us notice in writing during that period the amendments will apply once that notice period has run out.
We may also change your Number where we reasonably require. Where we do so, we will give you prior notice and explain why.
4. Amendments will also be published on the website  and you agree that the publishing of these notices has the same effect as our giving you written notice by post.
Complaints Procedure
You are required, in the case of complaints or differences in relation to the Services provided under this Agreement, to contact us by email at or telephone at +00 45 32 35 32 35. We will reply within thirty (30) days after receiving your email, unless this is not possible within reason. In that case we will inform you within the first set period when you can expect an answer.
If you receive a negative or an insufficient answer from us, you can contact the telecommunications authorities in Sweden if qualified on grounds of applicable law, or you can submit the dispute to the competent court in the jurisdiction.
You may not transfer any rights or responsibilities under this Agreement without our expressed written consent.
We may assign this Agreement at any time without your prior consent provided that such assignment does not affect the Services.
Failure by us to enforce any of the terms of this Agreement shall neither be construed as a waiver of any right or remedy nor shall in any way affect the validity of this Agreement, or any part thereof, and no waiver of a breach of this Agreement shall constitute a waiver of any other breach.
Termination of this Agreement shall not operate as a waiver of any breach by you of any of the terms of this Agreement and shall be without prejudice to our rights or remedies which might arise as a consequence of such breach, or which may have accrued up to the date of such termination.
A finding that a term of this Agreement is, or has become, invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect under governing law shall not affect or impair the validity, legality or enforceability of any other terms of this Agreement so long as the purpose of this Agreement is still capable of performance.
This Agreement is governed by the Laws of Sweden and any dispute arising out of this Agreement is subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Sweden.
Promotional Terms and Conditions
Vectone Mobile retains the right to cancel or modify these promotional terms at any time. All promotions only apply after the first top up. Calls made to CDMA devices will be treated as calls to a mobile phone.
Starter Packs:
Starter Pack Tariff is charged which is different from the Standard Tariffs. Starter Pack Tariff will be charged until Delight Mobile customers makes a First Top-Up of Credit after purchasing a Starter Pack, thereafter Standard Tariffs will automatically apply. Any preloaded Credit that remains on the Starter Pack after First Top-Up of Credit will be charged to the Standard Tariff. Terms and conditions are applicable and may be varied.
Joining Bonus:
Customers can bring their mobile phone number from any Danish network apart from Delight mobile.
Internet Bundle:
1GB internet add-on is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. Standard rates apply to any usage outside the internet allowance. Once your subscription is expired you can renew the subscription by sending a free text stating 'REG' followed by the applicable bundle code to 345. Add-ons are not valid for roaming use. Terms and conditions are applicable and may be varied.
10% Free Extra Credit:
Free Extra Credit is valid only for 30 days from the day you Top up. Free credit cannot be used whilst roaming and for calls to premium rate numbers.
1 ore International Offer/Calls:
Each Vectone Mobile top-up entitles you to calls at 1 ore per minute to selected destinations as set out on the website. Unless otherwise stated calls are to landlines only. 1 ore minutes cannot be used for calls to special numbers or whilst roaming.
Vectone World:
This offer is only for Denmark PAYG Vectone Mobile customers.

Free calls only apply to selected destinations as set out on the website.

Free calls don’t apply while roaming or for calls to premium rate numbers, shared numbers or other special numbers.

Vectone reserves the right to terminate or change this offer and terms and conditions at any time.
Smart Rates:
Vectone existing and new Customers on Pay As You Go (PAYG) can opt in to Vectone Smart Rate which is cheaper than our Standard Rate. To get the Smart Rate you must opt in every month by sending a SMS to number 345 texting "smart"
The Smart Rate is valid from 1st of each month to the last day of that month provided that you have sent your SMS. The Smart Rate will only commence after you have sent your SMS to 345 and not before and will expire on the last day of the month. You must therefore send "smart" by SMS to 345 every month to get the Smart Rate. If you send your SMS on the 5th of the month Smart Rate will apply from the time and date SMS received until the last day of the month. If you do not opt in each month then Standard Rates will apply.
Cannot be used in conjunction with any other Vectone Promotional offer which applies other discount rates.
Customers must have done at least one top-up to opt-in for the smart rates.
The offer is not to be used for commercial purposes, for conferencing or if it is not being used in a handset or if it is being used for tethering. If Vectone suspects mis-use Vectone reserves the right to withdraw, suspend the offer and/or disconnect you.
Vectone reserves the right to terminate, withdraw or change this offer, rates and the terms and conditions at any time and with reasonable notice.
The terms and conditions of this offer are in addition to Vectone general terms and conditions and any other offer subscribed to.
Smart rates are applicable only for customers who joined on or after 01.01.2015